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Whether you've made a one-off gift or monthly donation, thank you. Your gift will help children get the food, healthcare and education they need.

Why Your Support Matters

Train and Support Foster Parents. Provide Resources for Children Create Community Programs Emergency and Transitional Care Advocacy and Awareness

Together we power possible. Discover more about what we do here.

Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

At The Good Shepherd Foster Family Services, we believe every child deserves a loving, stable, and nurturing home. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for children in the foster system and supporting the incredible families who open their hearts and homes to them.


Foster parents
At The Good Shepherd Foster Family Services, your support is instrumental in empowering our mission. Contributions are vital for training and supporting foster parents with necessary resources, ensuring children in the foster system receive crucial educational, psychological, and health-related support, and creating community programs that foster unity and belonging. Additionally, your donations aid in providing emergency and transitional care for children in urgent situations and help in our efforts to raise awareness and advocate for policy changes to improve the lives of foster children and families. Each donation plays a key role in nurturing and sustaining the positive impact we aim to make in the foster care community.



We're always very happy to receive donations by post, you just need to print and complete one of these forms: Single donation Monthly donation Please make cheques payable to Save the Children. If your donation is for one of our emergency appeals please make a note of that on the form. Our postal address for donations is: Save the Children, 1 St John’s Lane, London, EC1M 4AR


To donate to by phone, you can call our Supporter Care team on +44 (0)20 7012 6400 and they can process your card payment on the call.

Raise for Children app

Fundraise from your shopping basket! Download our Raise for Children app and shop from over 6,000 retailers who will give a percentage of the price directly to Save the Children.

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Support our work with children in Britain

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In 2022, the Save the Children movement reached 48.5m children in 115 countries including the UK, thanks to supporters like you.

We helped 33m children survive through our movement's health and nutrition work. We and our partners:

  • tackled pneumonia – the single largest infectious killer of young children worldwide. Inspiring extra global funding, pushing to make vaccines more available and providing oxygen to children struggling to breathe
  • fought undernutrition – supporting community-based work in Kenya, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Yemen to diagnose, treat and prevent malnutrition. Enabling families and caregivers to detect acute malnutrition themselves, vital for those who live hours from the nearest health centre or cannot afford to pay for care

We supported 9.2m children to learn through our movement's education programmes. We worked with communities, partners and governments to:

  • make sure children living in conflicts and emergencies – including refugee children – can get the education they tell us is their number one priority
  • fight for girls’ right to an education and tackle obstacles – such as child marriage – that stand in their way
  • improve learning for children during their crucial early years – around the world and among the UK’s poorest communities – when it can make the biggest difference.

We fought relentlessly to protect 3.8m children through our movement's protection programmes and spoke up for millions more around the world. In 2022, we worked with our partners to help children on the frontline of some of the world’s worst conflicts and in contexts where children are at risk of harm:

  • In South Sudan, we supported women’s rights organisations to lead workshops with our humanitarian staff and partners to develop guidelines to make sure they recruit, retain and promote female humanitarian workers.
  • In Ukraine, we worked with 27 local partner organisations to give food, water, fuel, heaters and essential supplies like toothbrushes and soap to families who’d fled their homes. Along with helping reunite lost children with their families and set up safe spaces for them to play and recover.


Try joining one of our events or set up your own with our easy fundraisers - it could be the most fun you have all year!

Donate to UK work

Support our work with children in Britain

Donate in memory

Leave a gift in memory of a loved one