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Foster Care Services

The Good Shepherd Family Services provides comprehensive foster care services, offering a safe haven for children in need. Our program in Rancho Cucamonga, with ties to the greater San Francisco area and beyond, includes emergency fostering and specialized care. 

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Adoption Services

The Good Shepherd Family Services extends its heart to adoption services, facilitating forever homes for children in need. With a commitment to unite loving families in San Francisco, Bakersfield, and across California, we guide potential parents through the adoption journey. 

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Mental Health Services

The Good Shepherd Family Services recognizes the importance of mental well-being, especially for those in the foster care system. Our mental health services cater to individuals in San Francisco, Bakersfield, and throughout California.


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The Good Shepherd Foster Family Agency is a non-profit entity part of the The Coptic Diocese of Los Angeles and the Diakonia Department of Services