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Welcome to The Good Shepherd Foster Family Services, located in the heart of Corona, CA. As a top adoption service and foster care provider in California, we are committed to improving the lives of kids and families. More than just a place to stay, our mission is to provide an atmosphere of love, learning, and growth.

Our Mission in Corona

In the attractive community of Corona, the need for supportive and skilled foster care is more crucial than ever. For children facing the difficulties of the “foster system,” The Good Shepherd provides a place of safety, care, and caring. We think that all children have a basic right to feel safe and secure in a home setting.

The Journey of Fostering in Corona:

Taking on the path of becoming a foster parent in Riverside County, particularly in Corona, is a journey of compassion, perseverance, and profound fulfillment. Our agency is your steadfast companion, guiding you from the initial steps of understanding how to become a ‘foster parent in Riverside County’ to providing continuous support and resources.

Why Choose the Good Shepherd?

  • Depth of Experience: As an identified foster family agency in Northern California, our expertise and comprehensive understanding of the foster care system are unmatched.
  • Holistic Support: We offer a spectrum of training, educational assistance, and financial support, ensuring our foster parents are thoroughly prepared for this noble journey.
  • Community Integration: Our strong connections within Corona and the larger Riverside County foster a sense of community and belonging for both foster parents and children.


The Transformative Impact of Fostering:

Fostering a child in Corona, CA, transcends the act of providing a temporary shelter. It is about forming lasting relationships, healing emotional wounds, and shaping futures. Our “foster parents” play a critical role in helping kids deal with their feelings, achieve academic success, and form secure identities.

The process includes an initial orientation, completing an application, undergoing background checks, participating in training and certifications, home inspections, and finally, approval and placement of a child. We guide you through each step to ensure you are fully prepared for this rewarding journey.
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Our Comprehensive Services:

  1. Foster Care Services: We specialize in emergency fostering and specialized care, ensuring each child’s unique needs are met with empathy and expertise.
  2. Adoption Services: Our adoption services are designed to create forever homes, guiding prospective parents through the journey with care and compassion.
  3. Mental Health Services: Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, especially for those in foster care, we provide tailored mental health services across California.

Empowering Foster Parents:

Our training programs, using the latest 2024 material, are designed to empower you with knowledge and skills. From pre-orientation to certification, we ensure you are fully equipped for this rewarding role. Our community of foster adoptive families shares experiences and resources, creating a supportive network.

The Good Shepherd's Impact:

  • Foster Care Statistics: We contribute significantly to California’s foster care statistics, demonstrating the positive changes in children’s lives.
  • Financial Aspects: While understanding the financial aspects of fostering in California is important, the invaluable difference you make in a child’s life is the true reward.
  • Sibling Separation: We strive to minimize sibling separation, understanding its impact on children’s emotional well-being.
  • Educational Support: Overcoming academic setbacks is a priority, and we provide the necessary support to ensure educational continuity and success.

Your Role in a Child’s Life:

As a foster parent, you become a beacon of hope and stability. Children in foster care often grapple with feelings of uncertainty, loss, and trauma. Your role is to provide them with a nurturing environment where they can feel safe, loved, and valued.

Stories of Hope and Love:

Hear from our foster parents and administrators about the transformative experiences and the profound impact of fostering. These stories highlight the dedication of children and the rewarding journey of foster parents.

Building a Community of Care:

At The Good Shepherd, we’re not just about providing services; we’re about creating a family. Imagine living in a neighborhood where foster families and kids meet together not just as a group but as an intimate family, where everyone looks out for one another. Our events and support groups are more than meetings; they’re where lifelong friendships are formed, and experiences are shared heart-to-heart.

Tailored Support for Every Child:

Think of a tailor, carefully crafting a suit to fit one person perfectly. That is how we handle the care of every child. Like expert workers, our staff creates individualized care programs by taking into account the distinct emotional, academic, and social fabric of every kid. With this customized approach, every child is certain to feel heard, noticed, and appreciated.

Advocacy and Awareness:

We’re not just caregivers; we’re champions for children’s rights. Imagine us as the megaphone amplifying the needs and rights of children in foster care.

Our outreach activities educate the public intending to inspire a movement for change and support for these young lives, rather than just offering information.

Continuous Learning and Development:

Picture a garden where foster parents are the gardeners, and we provide them with the best resources and knowledge so that they can take care of these young plants. Our training programs cover a wide range of essential topics, ensuring that our foster parents are well-equipped to help these children blossom.

A Network of Support:

Imagine a web of support, stretching out to schools, healthcare providers, and other agencies. This network ensures that our foster children have access to every resource they need, creating a safety net that catches and supports them in every aspect of their lives.

Celebrating Successes:

In our family, every achievement, big or small, is a cause for celebration. Picture a child’s smile when they do a test or the joy in a foster parent’s eyes when they see their foster child succeed. These moments are our victories, and we cherish and celebrate each one.

Your Impact as a Foster Parent:

As a foster parent with The Good Shepherd, you’re not just opening your home; you’re opening a world of possibilities for a child. In their tale, you are the main character who brings about the greatest change. You have a crucial role to play in creating a better, more compassionate society as well as a child’s future.

Join Us in Making a Difference: 

We invite you to be part of this beautiful journey we’re weaving at The Good Shepherd Foster Family Services in Corona, CA. Whether you’re considering becoming a foster parent, a volunteer, or a donor, your role is crucial. Together, we can paint a brighter future for children in need.

Contact Us Today:

To embark on this heartwarming journey, reach out to The Good Shepherd Foster Family Services at []. Your first step could be the start of an incredible story of love, care, and transformation.